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My Buble @ Salt, Kingscliff, 01/10/05 concert review

Buble @ Salt, Kingscliff, 01/10/05

Soooo, 01/10/05 was the Michael Buble concert at Salt, Kingscliff, NSW Australia.

I'm sure y'all have read a million, far better written reviews this tour, but I'm too excited to keep my thoughts to myself. So here goes, again!

Simply put, it was EXCELLENT! Honestly, the man can entertain. His voice is to die for, and he does all the big songs, all the favourites.

You know, really performs em. Works hard up there for nearly 2 hrs.

But more than that, he’s funny, and clever, and cheeky … you know, they’re not at all alike musically (well, except for on Rob’s Swing When You’re Winning album) but he kinda reminds me of Robbie Williams in that respect. He was far saucier than I expected he would be.

And of course – he’s like SWOON kinda handsome. So, yeah, that helps -LOL

It was an outdoor show – down at the beach amphitheatre at Salt, a new resort up the coast – lovely lovely setting.

He opened with a very sexy, very dramatic Feeling Good, did Sway – awesome one to dance to! Um, he did Fever – which damm near *gave* me a fever its so hot … I’d say my two faves were Home and Song For You, which he did as an encore. It’s just a really beyootiful song, and as you know, he finishes it acapella, no mike, no music. Just him and his voice echoing around this beautiful, gorgeous starry night. *sigh* Seriously, I nearly died.

I nearly died LAUGHING when he did his, "I can't do this any more," “I’ve been doing these damm classics since I was 16, I’ve had enuf" spiel and launched into the I Will Survive operetta style, Maroon 5’s This Love and a Michael Jackson impersonation. He sounds great doing the more poppy stuff, he really should do more.

He did the requisite dash round the audience, after threatening to kick the persons ass who was pointing one of those laser pointer things at him. He didn’t run round my section, which was a bummer, but its still great that he does it.

He also did a quite “risque” lil bit where he talked to a girl in the crowd about coming back to his hotel room. She'd yelled out "I love you Michael", to which he said something like, yeah you say that now, but next week it'll be "I love you Guy Sebastian" (for non aussies, Guy is our first Australian Idol). He (Michael) then said if I took you back to my hotel room it'd just be “to sleep, just to sleep. To hold me.” etc etc

He then said, “but we’ll have a code. You know, f I want to have sex, I’ll pull your right boobie. If I don’t, I’ll pull your left boobie. And you do the same. If you do want to have sex, you pull my dingaling (complete with hand gestures) once. If you don’t want to have sex, just pull my dingaling like 300 times …” He then proceeded to fall about laughing like a maniac, and apologising for being dirty.

I like him dirty. Hubba Hubba!

LMAO. Now, I dont know if he's done this lil bit elsewhere, but damm, it was funny. And I've died if it was me he was saying it to! Girl, if you happen to be in this community, come say hey! :-)

Alritey, well, thats my lil review. Cant wait till he comes back this way!
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